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Kindergarten Readiness

Great Beginnings

A Traditional Learning Program

CYA's Tiny Tots Program is a kindergarten readiness program. It prepares children, ages 4-5, for kindergarten by developing math and reading abilities, social interactions, and small motor skills,The program operates 4 days/week--Monday thruThursday- two hours per day (10:00 am to noon). The monthly fee is $150.

Pre-Kindergarten Development: Social and Emotional Skills

At CYA children learn to play well with others; separate from parents without being upset; share with other children; and appreciate the feelings of others. The program teaches young children to follow certain routines such as putting toys away when asked.

Pre-Kindergarten Development: Small Motor Skills

The development of fine motor skills happens many ways. At CYA children write with crayons, markers, and pencils. They work with glue, scissors, paper and paint. They put together puzzles, and play with legos and blocks. They also spend some time outdoors using CYA's playground equipment and playing other games.