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Senior Nutrition

Eat Well, Stay Connected

Come for the Meal, Stay for the Friendship

The Catholic Youth Association (CYA) serves hot lunches for senior citizens, Monday through Friday, at 3 locations:

Lawrenceville (286 Main Street)
Polish Hill (30th and Paulowna Street)
West Deer Township (Route 910 between Tree Farm and Cedar Ridge)

CYA's Center Lunch program is a way for folks aged 60 and over to enjoy a nutritious meal and the companionship of others. It's also a way for seniors to stay healthy and connected. 

The benefits of healthy eating, especially for seniors, include increased mental acuteness, increased resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation from illness, and better management of chronic health problems.

As we age, eating right can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced.

CYA's Center Lunch program is funded by the Allegheny County Department of Aging (AAA). Hence, there is no fixed-cost for lunch at any CYA meal site. As a way to provide additional services and amenities at each site, however, we do suggest a donation of $1/meal.

Since CYA must order lunches for people a day in advance, please make your lunch reservations a day ahead also. Reserve by calling 412-621-3342. 

Don't eat lunch alone! Join us and make new friends