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CYA is a premier childcare agency and a leading provider of services for the elderly. Want daycare for an infant or toddler? Need meals-on-wheels for an aging adult? Looking to volunteer your time, make new friends, or become more active? Call CYA: 412-621-3342. We're here for YOU.

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We're Four Star!

CYA has earned PA’s highest mark for childcare excellence. Schedule a visit. See for yourself why we're so highly rated and why so many families entrust their children's care to us.

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CYA delivers over 250 meals each week to people too frail to cook or shop. Many of these people live alone and depend on us not only for meals, but also to connect to health and social services. If you know an aging adult who's in this situation, contact us. If you'd like to deliver meals to others, give us a hoot. There are many ways to help.

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Senior Programs

Helping men and women aged 55+ stay healthy and active is another part of CYA's mission. We offer a variety of exercise and wellness program ranging from tai chi to line dancing. Programs are offered at two locations--Lawrenceville and West Deer. We have a well equipped exercise studio and we're part of the Silver Sneakers program. Get involved!

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Health & Wellness

CYA's building at 286 Main Street, Lawrenceville has a fully equipped workout room with treadmills, bikes, and weight machines. CYA also conducts a variety of exercise classes. Medical research tells us that exercise is the best medicine for a healthy active life. So, take advatage of what CYA has to offer. Due to the pandemic, please call before visiting. Restrictions may apply.

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Catholic Youth Association

CYA has served Pittsburgh for 93 years. Our mission was to help young children survive proverty and neglect. Over the years CYA has evolved to meet a variety of community needs. Today, CYA is both a premier childcare agency and a leading provider of services for the elderly. CYA not only cares for infants and toddlers, it's also a place where senior citizens can find activities, enjoy nutritious meals, and be more socially connected. CYA also has a large meals-on-wheels program that serves many of Pittsburgh's poorest neighbors and home-bound individuals too frail to live without support.

CYA's work is guided by the belief that every life has value and every person deserves respect. CYA serves all ages regardless of race, religion, or national origins. If you'd like to support our work, please contact us. There are many ways to help. If you contribute to the United Way please know that CYA is Donor Option #96.


CYA is non-profit 501c3 agency governed by a unpaid board of directors.


CYA offers programs at two locations: Lawrenceville and West Deer. The Lawrenceville site. also known as the Stephen Foster Center, is located 286 Main Street, Pgh PA 15201. CYA's West Deer site is at a former nike missle base. The address is 4834 Route 910, Allison Park, PA 15101.

Executive Leadership

Mary Ann Heneroty, CEO; Tracy O'Connell, Child Service Director; Gretchen Fay, Senior Services Director.

Four Keystone Stars

About CYA Childcare

CYA Childcare has earned four Keystone Stars for quality. This means CYA has met demanding standards in the areas of staff education, learning environment, leadership, management, and family and community partnerships. If you're looking for quality childcare, that's also affordable, come for a vist. See all that CYA has to offer.

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COVID-19 Info

CYA is taking extraordinary precautions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In this regard, visits to the center are being severely restricted. To discuss the procedures that CYA has undertaken to protect children and staff from infection, please call Tracy O'Connell at 412-621-3342.


CYA is an equal opportunity employer. If you're interested in working for CYA please call Tracy O'Connell at 412-621-3342 or email her at CYA is always interested in hearing from good people.

Enrollment Process

All children who enroll at CYA must be vaccinated. A complete checklist of enrollment requirements can be obtained by calling Tracy O'Connell at 412-621-3342.

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We can't say it enough: we're a four-star agency.

It takes a lot of work to become a four-star agency. We're proud of it..

Senior Services

The Catholic YOUTH Association services seniors too. You might say that we serve kids of all ages. From 1 (actually 6 weeks) to 101.

Looking for a particular program or service. Call us at 412-621-3342 with any questions.


Want to get started? Give us a call at 412-621-3342.

Want to deliver meals-on-wheels? Give us a call at 412-621-3342.

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